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Driving Speakers with Arduino

In my quest to try out everything the Arduino can possibly do, I decided to hook up a buzzer and try messing around with generating some tones. Since my little 8ohm buzzer seemed to have gone missing, I substituted one of Sparkfun’s audio jack breakout boards and a cheap pair of earbuds I had lying [...]

Woot-Off Lights Schematic and Hardware

Here’s some details about the hardware setup for the woot-off lights. It’s exactly as I described in the first post – this just includes the schematic and goes a little more in depth. Let’s take it from left to right. USB input to the Arduino to send serial data. The current from the USB port [...]

Serial Control of Woot-Off Lights Working

After a few hours of clumsy and inept coding, I managed to scrape together a basic windows console application to send data over serial. Right now it just asks you which COM port the Arduino is on (usually COM3), and then you hit enter to turn the lights on/off. All that’s actually happening is the [...]

Make your own (dim) LED

Want to make an LED yourself? All you need is some Silicon Carbide, a sharp piece of metal, and a 12V power supply (and maybe a couple resistors to limit current). You can see the faint glow at the tip of the needle touching the SiC. Via HackADay

Intelligent Control of Woot-Off Lights

Please see the WootOff Lights Project category for the most up-to-date posts about this project. Occasionally, Woot has extravaganzas where they post item after item in what is known as a woot-off. Little .gif lights spin round and round to alert visitors to this spectacle. Playing on this, Woot occasionally sells physical woot-off lights. They [...]