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USB Power Shield v2.0

The new USB Power Shield boards (rev. 2.0) have just arrived from BatchPCB! As always, they were quick, great quality, and they even sent me a few extra! Awesome service. Version 2.0 has some major revisions since v1.0, including: Smaller Size – cost is determined by size, so I brought it down to the bare [...]

Success! USB Power Shield v1.0

A special envelope arrived yesterday from BatchPCB – the envelope containing the prototype board for the USB Power Shield v1.0. Or should I say prototype boards – they were kind enough to produce two, even though I only ordered one. Consider me a happy customer, especially because the boards work. That’s right, the very first [...]

Coming Soon

Things have been quite here lately – but think of it as the lull before the storm! Coming soon to a blog near you: USB Power Shield Prototype The PCB has finally been produced and is on the way. Expect to see a fully functional (*fingers crossed*) version in the next few days! If the [...]

First USB Power Shield Prototype on the Way!

After toying with the relays and Arduino I found that the diodes weren’t necessary – especially since the relay is latching, and current will be flowing both ways, so putting a diode in each direction would just create a short. As such, I made some modifications to the board and put it into Gerber files [...]

USB Power Shield

I really wanted there to be a complete solution for the Woot-Off lights project that could be almost plug and play for the end user, so today I drew up a schematic and a board for a USB Power Shield for the Arduino. It pops onto the Arduino like any other shield, and by controlling [...]